Blog, Blog, Blog: Why Blog?

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July 9, 2013 by ncd6329

Why Blog?

In today’s day and age, blogs are the most powerful tool a professional can possess. Blogging creates an invaluable link between our personal and professional life, promotes social media activity and allows us to share a wealth of information to a broad audience. Linking our personal and professional lives allows bloggers to personalize the usually mundane tasks and topics we are faced with in our professional lives. Activity on blogs facilitates user involvement with social media by simply serving as a hub for activity. Arguably the most valuable asset blogging provides is the ease with which we are able to broadcast information to a variety of audiences.

The personalization of business is key to the future. This is the force behind the emergence of social media in recent times. People no longer want to participate in business transactions with an automated, task oriented system. Consumers now demand a personalized experience.

Utilizing blogs promotes social involvement. The blogging interface promotes the combination of social media outlets such as twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and the like. Blog users are likely to promote blog entries with these other resources. This combination creates a web of connectivity and increases our social footprint.

With the combination of blogs and other social media platforms we are able to broadcast a wealth of information in a fairly efficient manner. In only a few minutes a day you can provide a multitude of people with great content. This is the true strength of blogging.

Blogging WILL transform the way we do business!


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