Living on the #Edge of a revolution!

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July 9, 2013 by ncd6329

Viva Las Vegas!

Wow–Edge 2013 was an awesome experience! It was great to finally meet the team and connect with so many clients, business partners and IBM’ers from around the world! From the conference, we were able to witness the power of social media and how eager most professionals are to connect and utilize social media. We are currently in a social media “boom” and must take advantage of this opportunity.

The intrinsic human need to communicate and belong is at the core of this social media revolution.

Steve just got Starbucks—Jenny is having a bad day–Fred wants to teach me how to lose 30 pounds in just 4 weeks… Fred has been hacked 😦 In today’s day and age we are constantly demanding more and more and more information about the world around us. Through social outlets we are able to satisfy this urge by sharing our life and experiences with our audience. Social media has changed the way we live and share our personal lives

The next horizon of this revolution will be connecting and interacting with our business world. With a multitude of products, solutions and ideas, consumers are constantly bombarded with broadcasted “standard” media. However, the majority of this media misses the audience. Why? A lack of personal customization. Customization and interaction create value for the customer—this is HUGE!

To successfully connect to our audience we must customize communication. Through LinkedIn, Blogs, Twitter and many other social media outlets, we can achieve this!!

From our stint working in the social media lounge at IBM Edge 2013, we were able to see that the importance of personal, measurable activity is ABSOLUTELY imperative. Communication is arguably THE most important skill in the business world. We must reach out to clients, business partners, clients and potential clients through these outlets. For example, after connecting with a client, we are able to Tweet a story, link, or picture at them–this ensures a personal connection and value is captured!

Our goal is to utilize social media to capture the most possible actual business value. If there is an area you feel like we are missing the target on, please let us know!

Please respond in the comments section below!

What is your favorite thing about social media and how do you use it to capture value?


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