IBM: Big Data and social will change everything

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July 30, 2013 by ncd6329


“Big data and social will change everything.”- Ginni Rometty,  CEO of IBM

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is excited about the future of Social Business. Rometty recently sat down with world renown social media thought leader, James Grill, to chat about the future of social business. It is clear that both agree on one thing: Big Data and social will change everything.

The Next Natural Resource

Big Data Analytics is the latest trend taking the IT world by storm. Every day, these three words are pasted across the front pages of nearly all of the world’s most prominent media outlets. The term Big Data is certainly this year’s buzzword. But, BIG DATA is a BIG DEAL. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has a profound vision for the future—Big Data as our next Natural Resource.

“Data Analytics will change how decisions are made, how value is created and how value is delivered.”

In the past, decisions—even in a corporate setting—are made based largely upon instincts and their outcomes are based on empirical results. IBM is seeing a revolutionary trend in the way we can utilize Big Data to make better business decisions. Analytics helps users make better, more objective calls with decisions based on predictive elements. This aspect creates substantial value. The value of Big Data Analytics is undeniable.

Leveraging technology in the decision-making process is huge for IBM. By harnessing Big Data, IBM has developed revolutionary solutions for the future of social business. Yet, this is not the extent of Ginni’s vision.

“Value will not be what you know, but what you share.”

IBM has long been a leader in connecting employees to an enterprise-wide social network that allows access to all IBMers, group files, communities, and many chief resources. IBM Connections is an invaluable asset and we are seeing it evolve into a widely used and valued social tool. The tool has seen many changes, as iterations and updates are constantly delivered. The future advancements of enterprise based social technology will teach us one important lesson…

“Get Social. Do Business.”

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