Advice from an intern: Be you–no one is youer than you


August 5, 2013 by ncd6329


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

An internship at IBM can do one of two things. It can be used to fill a blank space on your resume or you can use it to propel yourself into the career of your dreams—all it takes to separate yourself from the countless other faces are just a few simple things. This summer at IBM, I have been lucky to work with an amazing group of people and have had an invaluable learning experience. The internship has far surpassed my expectations and I have outlined a few ways for you to get the most out of your time at IBM.

Make connections!

Make an effort at an early date to connect with fellow interns and colleagues! Set up lunches, happy hours, trips, or any kind of event to allow you to get to know your colleagues a little better. Most of these events are coordinated by corporate but, getting involved with the interns at your location can make your internship much more enjoyable!

Always remember that as an intern you have the distinct ability to reach out to ANYONE within the company without looking like a fool. You may feel somewhat unimportant or insignificant at first but it will not last long! IBMers are very encouraging to interns and enjoy the burst of energy that interns provide! Everyone wants to help you—make connections and get the most out of your experience here!

Make it happen!

Fulfilling your tasks and projects is your primary duty as an intern. During my internship, my boss has encouraged us to participate in any and every event possible. This has made the experience much more enjoyable. However, this can make it difficult to be highly productive. Even with the events that my team has participated in, we have taken the extra time to devote to our final product. This may mean staying extra hours and maybe even putting in a few weekend hours. This will guarantee that you get the most out of your internship and also that the company will benefit from you being employed!

Make a name!

What do you do better than anyone else? Find a way to use this skill—whatever it may be, to the best of your ability. For me, it is creativity. Luckily, my team has given me the chance to use this skill! If this internship is a battle, this ability is your sword. This summer I have been writing more than ever. I have always enjoyed writing, I have just never taken the time to do so! Although, I finally recognized this unfortunate truth a few years back—My writing skill is not going to pay my bills! This was a blessing in disguise. I have since realized the value of this ability and have learned to use it to be able to develop a desirable style. Learn how to use this special ability to set yourself apart from the rest.

Find your brand; be your brand!


One thought on “Advice from an intern: Be you–no one is youer than you

  1. cavegirlmba says:

    Thanks for quoting Dr. Seuss, always a pleasure to read.

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