#CSBSocial: So much to do, so little time.

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October 4, 2013 by ncd6329

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The last few weeks have given me a valuable lesson in time management.  With the dust now settled, three exams, two projects, and countless other tasks have been completed.  Not only am I working to create a functional social media presence for the Cameron School of Business, I am learning how to accomplish this within the time constraints that my hectic schedule has created.

Time is our biggest enemy.

When I first began my internship with the CSB, my goal was simply to build the framework that is necessary to be influential over social media.  From the advice of my internship advisor, Dr. Thom Porter, I have been working this week on building a system that will be easily maintained by the CSB staff once my work is finished.

HootSuite and RSS to organize the mess.

The Cameron School of Business produces a mass of information on a daily basis and deciphering these posts is quite the task.  Carefully selecting the news we want to publicize from CSB platforms is difficult.  In the coming week, I hope to assemble a list of “feed” sources from all CSB departments, which can be added into HootSuite to automate the publication of CSB news.  With this tool, we are able to orchestrate the posting of events and notifications without the manual input of the postee.  Once these stories/events/updates are posted to the “mother feed” (aka the CSB News and Events Stream or other regularly updated pages)—they will automatically be syndicated to CSB social networks.

Get ‘em interested, get ‘em talkin’

In the upcoming weeks, Terrey Hatcher, Dr. Becky Porterfield, myself, and other members of the CSB marketing team will begin publicizing the CSB’s involvement on social media.  Next week, we will begin displaying our social networks via displays on the Plasma TVs in the lobby of Cameron Hall.  Also, we have preliminary ideas for our very own “Tweet Up Thursday.”  On this day, for one hour, any Twitter user can join in on a live conversation with a wide-array of guest tweeters.  Each week, we will have a guest tweeter!  These will include: faculty, distinguished alumni, top students, and local business people.

A delicate balance

Work life and school life have seemingly merged and painted my world one giant shade of grey.  Delegating time to both internships, school work, and myself have proven to be rather difficult.  Although, I am constantly busy and working non-stop, I am proud to be making the CSB a more relevant, attractive, and meaningful place to learn.

Until next week!


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