Planning ahead: The future of CSB Social

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December 14, 2013 by ncd6329

This semester I was lucky enough to be chosen as the Student Director of Social Media for the Cameron School of Business at UNC Wilmington.  Creating a functioning social presence for the CSB was a somewhat testing process.  In the past, I have designed social strategies based around products, services, people, but never for an educational institution!  This was an exciting experience for me.  My goal was to create, manage, and improve the social presence for the CSB.

Build it and they will come

As mentioned in my first post on the “build” process, my efforts have been focused on designing an infrastructure conducive to improving the social media process.  After consulting the mission statement for the CSB, I was inspired to adapt a similar mission statement for the social media efforts—To design a social presence for the Cameron School of Business by representing the school as a fun, engaging, and valuable place ignite a successful career

Everyone wants to have fun!

The adjective fun is key to representing the CSB.  In photos posted on the CSB social networks are many smiling faces from many events from around campus!  The goal of this keyword was to add a humanizing sense to all social media activity and represent our school as one that brings student value.  This word –fun– is important to developing a few of the deeper seeded values that the CSB represents.

Keeping our audience aware, inclined to share, and showing we care

Engaging your audience is historically one the most difficult challenges that marketers face.  To tackle this problem, a few imperatives were established:

1.  We must keep students aware of CSB events, club functions, information, and relevant news.

2.  We must design a strategy that initiates interaction between our social community.

3.  We must display HOW the CSB has been instrumental students (past and present) and in doing this a belongingness and sense of community is created.

Show me how to do it!

This blog post outlines the basic ideas, goals, and tactics that will be explained in greater detail in the Official Cameron School of Business Social Media Guide.  The currently in the works and will be available by December 19th.  The guide will be given to the next student in charge of social media operations and also certain faculty.  This guide will contain:

  • Mission and Goals
  • Tactical Guide
  • Voice/ Style guide
  • Syncable and adjustable social media posting schedule
  • A “How to Guide” for my successor
  • Much more!

Stay tuned and check back soon for the Official Cameron School of Business Social Media Guide!









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